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Counsellor Accreditation and Membership

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Student membership and gaining Accredited Counsellor Status 

The ISPC was founded in August 2000 as a new Professional Counselling Body to whom Counsellors can become Accredited by, and those Practicing Counselling skills could belong. We are a NON-PROFIT organisation; our purpose is to provide a service that is seamless; empowering our service users to have strong efficacy, be courageous, congruent and open.

Gaining ISPC membership of this Professional Body will mean you can practice privately, or as a student. It means that Members have met the requirements set by The ISPC Professional Body and must abide by our code of ethics and complaints procedure.

We ensure that all of our Counsellors meet the specific requirements and status that is recognised as Professional, ensuring that each and every Member, Client and our wider society are protected.

Counselling anywhere in the UK or Abroad? Please get in touch to become a member. We are a professional membership body for counsellors ensuring your ethical and practicing safety, as well as the clients. Counselling can be made accessible to anyone. Get in touch, become a member, get insured.


Please feel free to contact us at any time during office hours if you would like more information on counselling and its requirements.

Telephone: (01522) 546554


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You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength.
'Marcus Aurelius' - 140AD
Indemnity Insurance

£5,000,000 Cover

Annual Fee Only £46.50

Giving you peace of mind

All members of the ISPC are able to take advantage of special indemnity insurance rates by applying to Holistic Insurance Services, please contact ISPC for details.

ISPC members

The ISPC care about you and want to ensure your worth and achievements are appropriately acknowledged. Your qualifications, training and experience will be evaluated by the ISPC when we assess your portfolio (please see the application form) and your achievements will then be certified by the ISPC, thus providing evidence of your ability.

With instantly recognisable evidence of your ability and achievements, such as letters after your name, your credibility increases. Where previously you may have been ignored, or little heed paid to your opinions, you should now at least be given a fair hearing and as your credibility increases, more doors open. This is crucial for both personal development and for the development of counselling practice.

Membership of the ISPC is not open to everyone. Candidates for membership are required to demonstrate an appropriate level of attainment in their work and qualifications. This may seem, to some extent, elitist but we need to protect our clients as well as the organisation and ourselves. We will not, however, move the goal posts for current members once enrolled.

Membership of the ISPC provides independent recognition of attainment through assessment, or where appropriate, by examination.

The International Society of Professional Counsellors
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Counselling Changes Lives, And Minds
How can counselling help you?


We can all experience difficult times at one point or another in our lives, sometimes this is very complicated. Talking therapies can help you manage and build effective coping strategies to build acceptance from traumatic experiences. It also can help with managing behaviours and emotions that are harmful to you. If you would like to know more please visit our 'finding a counsellor' page.

Mental health included in the UN Sustainable Development Goals

For the first time, world leaders are recognising the promotion of mental health and well-being, and the prevention and treatment of substance abuse, as health priorities within the global development agenda. 

Counselling training

We encourage all students and accredited members to keep up to date with their training. If you're in need of further information please contact us and we'll endeavour to help.

Become a member

If you're looking to enhance your counselling framework and ethics please join the ISPC. We want to provide the same level of service that you would provide to your clients.

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