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The International Society of Professional Counsellors (ISPC) is an independent educational and research body, which provides professional membership for Hypnotherapists, Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Counselling Psychologists. The ISPC employs the services of a highly qualified board of administration that founded the ISPC to promote professional recognition for Counsellors through qualification and experience.

The ISPC is involved in three main activities. Firstly, it facilitates research and the exchange of information in the field of counselling psychology. Secondly, it provides assessment and certification of existing experience in the field of counselling psychology and its related disciplines.


Professionals, who are successful in their line of work, whether voluntary or otherwise, are able to obtain recognition through subscription & membership without the need to disrupt their existing work. Thirdly, it provides a supportive body to which professional people can belong.

The ISPC recognises that accomplished Counsellors and other professionals using counselling skills will already possess valuable skills and qualifications. The ISPC provides public and professional recognition of these achievements by granting membership.


A prospective application for membership into the Society's Roll of Honour is assessed according to specific criteria. Criteria taken into account on application for membership include:

Formal counselling related qualifications already achieved.

Self directed study that the applicant has and is pursuing to increase their level of knowledge and skills.

Personal therapy.

Practice experience.

The amount of supervision that the applicant has already received or is receiving.

The ISPC seeks to help Students, Associates, Members and Fellows in their counselling and therapeutic careers and assignments. A newsletter and papers are published twice per annum, for members to exchange ideas and thoughts and offer or receive advice. Members may also submit papers, essays or reports from time to time for publication in the newsletter or elsewhere.

Our Team Members

The purpose of the administrative board is principally to ensure that the ISPC's values are maintained. The board will, amongst other duties, promote research and development opportunities both within and outside the ISPC, administer the code of ethics and complaints procedure and administer the membership process.

Suitably qualified individuals are invited from time to time to serve on the administrative board of the society whose membership presently includes:

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Dr. Graham Cocking.jpg

DR. Graham Cocking

Registrar - PHD Psychology

Graham is the founder of the ISPC and formed its principles on giving choice, values and a representative our society's needs.

Profile Picture Lo Res CT.jpg

Mr Steven Lean

BA (Hons) AdvDipC DipHyp AMISPC

An experienced creative has joined our team in 2020. Steven has a range of abilities and main focus on the delivery of our online platforms.

Mr John Smejka BSc MSc.png

Mr John Smejka (Retired)


John is a Co-founder of the ISPC, increasingly hungry for a challenge and willing to help those who need guidance to further their awareness.

Jane Kay.jpg

Jan Kay


A qualified practitioner and trainer joined the ISPC to help its progression. So far has helped to promote changes to help our clients experience.

Counselling training

We encourage all students and accredited members to keep up to date with their training. If you're in need of further information please contact us and we'll endeavour to help.

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If you're looking to enhance your counselling framework and ethics please join the ISPC. We want to provide the same level of service that you would provide to your clients.

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