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Finding an Office

Keeping this simple

When looking for a space to begin a counselling practicing once you are qualified and registered as a counsellor, you will find there's a lot to factor in and may seem over whelming.


You will need to consider budget, amenities, location, and also to look out for the right type of space used, ideally somewhere calm, open and welcoming.


At the very beginning you may find at first that it is not practical to rent out an entire office for your own use, so it can be helpful to ask other practitioners where they are based and if they maybe rent out rooms by the hour or day. Ask qualified counsellors or your tutors at your college as they may already have an office that isn't used 24-7.

If you already have a good network with other recently registered counsellors, there could also be the option of a rent share.

Using spaces that other therapist/ counsellors already use can be very positive, as the space should already be set out to welcome clients specifically for this field. As you grow and retain your client base it will become clear at a tipping point that you will need your own office.

If you do have to rent a room in an office building or block, you will also need to consider the layout of the building, how accessible the office is to the public, whether there are public toilets for client use, a lobby area etc and also whether the office is already furnished or if you have to supply this yourself.


Is there are car park or parking space? Can potential clients park easily, this is a major sales point. If your clients can park their car without fuss it will mean they are more focused on the work together rather than being concerned with the stress of where to park.

Then you will also need to look at how you’d like to present your office space. This can be easier, though more costly, if the space is unfurnished as you can make the space as you would like it. Décor and furnishings can make all the difference in making clients feel calm and welcome.

Another factor which will need to be considered if using a public building is the hours of accessibility. Are there staff on site outside of normal working office hours? You may need special access if not. Also to arrange entry for the clients if there isn’t a general receptionist etc.

You will also need to consider the location of the space. Is it easy to find using Satnav/ Google/ Other Search Engines? Are there tricky one-way systems to navigate? Does the location get very congested during busy times? Is it too remote for the majority to travel to? Are there bus stops/trains/ taxis nearby? 

It can seem daunting finding your first space to practice but with good planning and fore-thought, you will find the ideal place to begin a Private Practice.

Remember, build slowly, it will help you with your own pressure and enable you to focus on building relationships.

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