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Heather Hazel Lucus

For those times when life takes us into dark and unmanageable places. Therapy offered will be warm, compassionate and confidential. You will find support in efforts to discover answers, relief and progression. Practical therapeutic skills and tools will release and reduce mental/emotional pain and distress effectively.

About me

As a wife and mother of six children and eighteen grandchildren, I was raised in a home where the attitude "children seen, not heard". Therefore silent suffering was the norm, along with large amounts of emotional scarcity during the time of physical abuse, and mental torment. With this foundation I tried to navigate my way through a young marriage at eighteen until middle age, with the common trials of child rearing, break-ups, break-downs, loss, bereavement, unemployment, house moving, school moving, illness, food addiction, financial challenges.

Much of my learning in life came the hard way, doing it all wrong the first time around, and having the scars of experience to prove it.

Now desiring to share, with hope, empathy and understanding, ways of picking up the pieces after life has 'chewed us up' and 'spat us out' onto a road of living in a 'complicated world'.

I like to encourage clients to feel comfortable how they access their therapy and offer One to One sessions, telephone and online; with a Humanist Person Centred approach.

I value that within each person there are many assets, values and personal strengths which can be encouraged to surface and used to assist an individual to increase their resilience to match up to their recovery needs.

Alongside this approach is the opportunity to use the human mind to aid greater mental, emotional and sometimes physical recovery from the distress induced. I have, on a personal experiential level found release and relief from mentally induced emotional pain, via the contemplative forms of therapy in the forms of meditation, mindfulness, inclusive of CBT and ACT. The very acceptance of what is classed as 'abnormal' is a positive pathway within the ACT, as part of the wellness and recovery solution.

For clients who wish a more direct and focused approach to their challenges I offer Directed and Solution Focused (SFT) therapy, where exploration of successful alternatives are discussed with a 'Solution' being found as the main thrust of the session.

For clients who have previously found 'Complimentary' interventions helpful in helping them to manage their situations, I can offer on their request;
Relaxation Therapy

Allowing an wholistic experience to mind, body, spirit to be available. All certified and insured.

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