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Hugh Driskell

An experienced Person Centred Counsellor with over 20 years experience of counselling; 11 years in private practice; working with a wide range of individuals and couples. Offers a safe, confidential environment working with warmth and humour to support clients to explore whatever is troubling them. Also, he is a professional supervisor. Hugh's private practice - Talk it Through.

About me

Counselling, as offered by Talk It Through Counselling Services, is a non-directive, non-judgmental course of action completely for the well-being of the client. Put simply, counselling is not about giving advice or telling the client what to do. It is support to help the client tap into inner strengths and resources that will enable the development of insight into any problems the individual may have.

As a person-centred counsellor, Hugh believes that everyone has within them the resources to become more fully themselves and realise their unique potential. This process is most likely to occur when a person feels accepted, affirmed, secure, understood and able to trust. He seeks to adopt the principle that the way a person thinks within themselves determines how they will behave to situations and circumstances.

From this standpoint counselling can help but is not limited to anxiety and depression, bereavement and loss, family and/or work problems, managing stress and life changes, relationship issues, prostate cancer support, bullying and self harm.

Hugh also offers professional supervision for counsellors who are either already qualified or are in training. He gained his qualification at the Sherwood Institute, Nottingham.

Hugh works within a set of values covering attitudes and skills which have particular regard to:

respect for the individual, respecting human rights and dignity;
integrity, establishing a non-exploitative relationship within the client's physical and emotional
autonomy, allowing the client the freedom to express themselves and develop towards improved
behavioural, emotional and cognitive self government;
and, confidentiality, allowing the client to develop confidence to trust the process and the counsellor.

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