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Marina Veneka

Sessions Taking Place On-Line - Skype name: marinav._lionpsyche

Having studied the English language and the Braille system (in Greek and in English), Psychology absorbed my interest years ago. I studied different approaches of Psychotherapy and I am now completing my Master on it. What absorbed me most was Psychoanalysis in which I have delved into since years.

About me

The unary trait of each patient is considered case by case. We all have inhibitions and repressions which make some symptoms intolerable. Even these symptoms can be articulated into Psychoanalysis. I am here to listen to you carefully and help you in the progress of your self-research and self-knowledge. This means that you have a demand, a question in order to come to my office. Something irritates you, for example. If you really wish, you will find the desires which might emerge from session to session. There are traumatic experiences which need to be communicated and articulated.
Information of each patient is confidential.

Having studied different Courses of Psychology along with my Diploma and now my Master in Psychology, I have been attending Psychoanalysis Lessons and Seminars both theoretical and clinical ones for years. My background includes Courses in literature, poetry, theatre on Shakespeare, Criminal Justice, Black Studies, Pandemics, Modern and Contemporary Art, First Aid Help, Dementia, Addiction, Prisoner's Psychology, Science of Religion, Mental Health in adolescence, Psychotherapy and Counselling, Nutrition, Learning Difficulties.

I have practiced as a volunteer Psychotherapist in clinics regarding addictions, dementia, domestic violence both for children and women, have collaborated with a Dementia Centre and a private institution for panic attacks in adolescence. Now, I am collaborating with KMOP organization and specifically with "Live without Bullying" of the organization (

I am interested in art such as theatre, cinema, painting, sculpture, music and the analysis of them. Through Shakespearean studies, I understood the grandeur of art even more.

You can find articles of mine online on "The Lacanian Review" ( abroad and on "Psychografimata"”in Greece (

You can find articles of mine online on "The Lacanian Review" ( abroad and on "Psychografimata"”in Greece (

I provide therapy in: Anxiety, Panic disorders, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Domestic Violence, Bullying, Psychosis, Dementia, Learning Difficulties

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Based in Athens, Greece.

  • Anxiety

  • Panic disorders

  • Addiction

  • Eating Disorders

  • Domestic Violence

  • Bullying, Psychosis

  • Dementia

  • Learning Difficulties

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