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Rev Dr Colin Lamb, Ph.D., Th.D.

I worked as a missionaries for 17 years. l am a Biblical Counsellor, Consultant, Supervisor; trainer in Cross Cultural Communications; Biblical Counselling, Clinical Counselling, Member Care with missionaries and Culture and Language Acquisition Trainer. I also do Spiritual Wellbeing Assessment - called Psychological testing.

About me

I follow a Biblical Counselling Model by:

Establishing an Involvement with counselees.

Gathering information about the counselee. Seeking to understand the issues.

Seeking to help the counselee understand the issues in order to be able to find answers and change.

Seeing the counselee become intentional and implimenting Biblical change.

I work in Biblical Counselling and Member Care with Missionaries.
I do Training in Biblical Counselling and Member Care.

Counselling Topics such as:
Spiritual Wellbeing assessments, (also known as Clinical & Psychological assessments)

I teach a Diploma in:
"Principles of Effective Biblical Counselling and Member Care."
"Diploma in Biblical Studies and Cross-Cultural Communications."

Member Care
Biblical Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Building relationships

Pre-field preparation, on-field care and Re-entry care and Debriefing

Interpersonal relationships
Conflict resolution, Contingency Training
Crisis Management, trauma and debrief (inc kidnapping)

What makes a good carer!
Communication skills

Speaking therapy
Listening skills

Marriage counseling
Husband wife and Parent Child relationships

Anxiety, Depression, Stress
Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse

Counselling training

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