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ISPC Counselling Resources

To help you on your journey

The ISPC has a commitment to our counselling members to help provide information and resources that enhance knowledge and awareness of the body of work we all undertake in the counselling profession. It is our intention to help you and the wider community on implementing good ethical practices.

An essential part of a career in Private Practice is furthering your own knowledge of the profession of Counselling.

After all, if you keep your own knowledge updated, you can give 100% to the clients you will work with. However, how do you know where to start?


The ISPC believe it is important to gain knowledge through a balance of sources and for each individual to be autonomous in their development. We advise that as a student you read through some of the links below to help you. Some of it may seem basic, but is there as a reminder for you. Refer back to this information as we will periodically add to the list.

Click the links below to find out more. This list is not exhaustive, if you have anything you would like us to add that will help you and others please get in touch.

Guide For Students

Studying Guide


Self Care




Setting Boundaries


Self Awareness

Imposter Syndrome


Person Centred


Transactional Analysis

Building a Private Practice

Building a website




Find an Office

Goal Setting


Knowing Your Limits

Dealing with Expectations


Self Confidence

Work-Life Balance


Face Your Fears

Counselling training

We encourage all students and accredited members to keep up to date with their training. If you're in need of further information please contact us and we'll endeavour to help.

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