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Your private practice 

Having a good website

If you look at google maps and search counsellors in your area, check out what they do, who they are, what they specialise in and how they present themselves. At the end of the day this is a business. If the business doesn't function you will end up spending all of your time worried and stressed, specifically if it is your main source of income.

Check out building a website

For private practice counsellors 'you' are the company, you are the business. People will get to know you because of your work practice eventually, but to start with it is all about presentation. Having a good photo of yourself in a professional setting will help encourage potential clients to have trust. You will have already began your work in placement by the time you get to considering a portrait of yourself, and so you will already be a trustworthy member of an organisation like the ISPC, convey that with a good photo of yourself.

To make an impact on the web it is very difficult, but having a good, clean, honest website that promotes trustworthiness is key. 

Most potential clients will check you out before giving you a call as they will of course want to know if they can connect with you. Having a video on your home page will help to engage clients, build a bridge to get connected and offering reassurance.

Google Maps

Register your business on google maps. If you have an office or share an office it is critical to being found on the web.

The process is simple and take only a few minutes. These few minutes will allow clients to find you and help boost your ranking on google search engines.

Link up with Partners

Form links with local businesses who work with people in your area. This can be quite a difficult skill as we are now talking about business relationships and how to ask for what you want.

The best way is to be genuine. Build links with businesses who have a need to pass on clients to counsellors and offer something in return.

Build the professional relationship by getting involved in local community and networking events. Spread the word of you being a counsellor. If you show your ethical awareness and genuine desire to help communities this will rub off on those around you, building trustworthiness. If you have this with others in your area there is no reason why they wouldn't sign post clients your way.

What is your unique selling point

If you make sure that you show your interests (what you provide) on your website it will make it clear for google and other search engines to find you. You could go further and specialise in an area of interest and show that by blogging and writing articles for your local media. Putting together a published article in your local newspaper will help you stand out and give you coverage through newspapers and online. Google will show more interest in you as a result.

Having an advertising budget

If you have the finances to market yourself then more power to you. Keep to a budget and investigate all of the advertising avenues.

The most powerful advertising is word of mouth, but at the start you will not have this. So, look at google advertising, this can be the fastest way to get your name on a page that someone might see. This can be set up very easily by linking your 'GOOGLE MY BUSINESS' account to 'ADWORDS'. Set up your payment details, create an advert, and you're live.

Of course there is radio and newspapers, have a go, be out there and do not hide. Have confidence and be genuine, curious and aware.

Enjoy your private practice

At this point you will have worked hard to qualify as a private practice counsellor. It is your time to build at your own pace. Be your own boss!

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